The Broken Brain  Logo is designed by Michael Shirley:

The Broken Brain Logo is designed by Michael Shirley:

The Broken Brain

The Broken Brain is a fun and informative Podcast about Psychology, Mental Health, Treatment, and all things Brain-ey. 

The Broken Brain Podcast debuted on August 3, 2014. The show features information about psychotherapy, profiles interesting psychological research, and interviews with therapists & researchers from around the world. Sometimes we get a little silly too, and pop in a movie that we feel fits in with social or mental health topics (and sometimes it actually does).   

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Current EpisodeS:

Social Media is a part of our life. We all life at least a little bit online these days. 

Karly Beaumont and Cynthia Torres host the Podcast That Pop This Life, a look at Life, Pop Culture, and the Ridiculousness of it all. They talk weekly about internet crazes, modern cultural trends, and how to be a good internet citizen. 

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Kathleen Brennan lives and practices psychotherapy in Chicago. She is an expert in trauma, a survivor of the nonprofit world, and an excellent podcaster, with her show On The Blue Couch. 

Kathleen speaks with me today about the dynamic of Vicarious Trauma, the multiple ways that we can become traumatized through our own or other's exposure. The ACA has defined Vicarious Trauma as "compassion fatigue," or "the cost of caring," and although therapists are primed for this problem, it affects all of us in some way. Give our conversation a listen to learn some of those ways, and what to do about it. 

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