Dwight Hurst, CMHC, SSW

Owner & Director

Dwight Hurst has been in the field of Mental Health since 1999, and has worked in a wide range of services, from inpatient to outpatient. He works with many clinical issues, including Autism, Domestic Violence Recovery, Addiction, and Sexual Compulsivity. He also teaches graduate courses to counselors-in-training.

Dwight created Innovate Mental Health Solutions in order to bring together quality therapy staff and clever programming. He believes that all problems have a solution, and that his clients are the best experts of their own situation.

Dwight is also the creator and host of The Broken Brain Podcast.

Dwight is a writer and avid reader. He enjoys running, photography, and finding new adventures to experience with his wife and children. 

Chris Tittle, AMHC  Therapist

Chris Tittle, AMHC


Chris is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (or ACMHC). He is also an LGBT affirming therapist and is a member of the Utah LGBT Therapist Guild. He has researched and employs the concepts and techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to identify thoughts and behaviors that are not helpful to our mental health. He also subscribes to the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which includes accepting ourselves and our struggles and committing to living life according to our values, even when life gets hard. He uses these and other philosophies to create an insight orientated approach to therapy. He has found that this therapeutic approach works very well with the majority of clients. This approach also takes into consideration the uniqueness of individuals and their needs.

Chris works with adults and adolescents who are experiencing mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and more. Additionally, he is working with couples to help them find healthy ways to work on their relationships. Chris is also working on a Life Coach Certification with an emphasis on helping clients who struggle with weight and body image.

For more information on Chris, visit his website at www.mycounselorchris.com.

Mike Fitch, CMHC   Collaborater with Innovate; Owner of AAEM Counseling & Consulting

Mike Fitch, CMHC

Collaborater with Innovate; Owner of AAEM Counseling & Consulting

Michael Fitch is an experienced Mental Health and Social Services Professional. Mike has worked in the fields of child abuse recovery, Mental Health, Addiciton, and Family Treatment for the past 12 years. 

Mike currently collaborates with our practice to provide Group Therapy for Autistic Teens and Substance Abuse Recovery Groups for Teens. He is also frequently co-hosting The Broken Brain Podcast.