The purpose of this online support group is to help those who have pedophiliac feelings that they are working to resist, reduce, and control their feelings. This group is designed with the concept of helping individuals preserve the safety of children, without destroying their lives in the process. Group is always facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. Safety of the patients and increasing their hope & confidence of protecting others and themselves from the damaging effects of their symptoms is always the main goal. 

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Group is completely anonymous, even from the therapist. Group members are discouraged from sharing their identity. This allows the members of the group to remain invested in the process of sharing without holding back for fear of identification or shame. Due to the sensitive nature of this type of treatment, the group members participate only verbally, and only when and if they wish. Group will be shared through a webinar platform. The group facilitator will share information about Anxiety reduction, Depression management, and management of symptoms of Pedophilia. The group leader will facilitate optional discussion around struggles and problem solving/self control techniques. Members may also participate through email in order to communicate nonverbally if they wish. 

The cost of participation is $90 per month, which includes access to a weekly 1 hour group session. In order to sign up you will need to make payment (click here for payment) and register an email address (click here to register your email). The payment screen shows multiple services, make sure to click on the one labelled "PSG," with a picture of a river. These forms are on separate pages in order to preserve anonymity, as there is no way to link the payment with the identity of the email address on the registration form. You will be asked to provide a name when you log into the group each week, and may provide whatever name you wish. After making payment you will receive an email link with instructions as to how to participate in group. 

Group will meet each Monday at 4:00pm Pacific, 5:00pm Mountain, 6:00pm Central, and 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

This group is not designed to replace individual or in-person psychotherapy, or to be use din lieu of crisis services in the event of a mental health emergency, suicidal intent, or the commission of a criminal act.